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Financial Doctor & Best selling Author

Eni Oszlai is an Award-winning Financial Doctor, RBC’s TOP Financial Specialist in Canada. She has over 10 years of experience working in the world of investments, managing portfolios of millions of dollars. She holds several licenses, including for investments, insurance, and real estate, which makes her the successful financial doctor she is today. In addition, she has obtained a Teaching degree and a Master’s certificate in Adult Education and is an avid student of Landmark Education’s Neurolinguistic Programing.

Eni has been helping thousands of families, individuals, and businesses to reach and surpass their financial goals, increase their revenues while minimizing their tax burden. She is a lead coach for Ontario’s teams and has a proven track record of increasing her clients’ businesses, and her teams’ profitability by over 332% within 60 days. Eni can teach you how to offset taxes while creating a tax-free estate: the Waterfall concept so that the family’s wealth stays and grows with the family, not the tax department!

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